Seattle Chinatown Attractions

Chinatown Attractions

Chinatown Gate

The gate, or pai-lau, is an elaborate steel and ceramic structure in a traditional Chinese style, was completed in 2008. I spans South King Street at Fifth Avenue South. A second gate is planned at South King Street at 12th Avenue South.

Wing Luke Asian Museum

The nationally-acclaimed Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute. In addition to exhibits, shows and events at the museum itself, it offers guided tours of Chinatown. Details of the museum’s programs are on the website.

Hing Hay Park

Located in the heart of the district, Hing Hay Park serves as a venue for cultural events through the year. It’s also an informal meeting place where people gather for picnics, Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi), and Tai-Chi.


Kobe Terrace

The Kobe Terrace commemorates Seattle’s sister-city, Kobe, Japan. The park is filled with cherry trees that bloom in spring. The park also features fabulous views of Seattle.

Dragon Poles

Located long 5th, Jackson, and Dearborn streetsm the “dragon poles” are light poles adorned with fiberglass Chinese dragons.

Chong Wa Benevolent Association

The historic building is the state’s oldest Chinese school. It offers language and cultural programs for both youths and adults.


Lunar New Year Festival

The Chinese New Years celebration in Hing Hay Park features lion and dragon dancers, martial arts, firecrackers, and streets lined with colorful paper lanterns.

Chinatown Seafaur Parade / Dragon Fest

Held each July, the Fest is the premier Asian American celebration in the Northwest. It features Japanese taiko drummers, lion and dragon dancers, martial arts demonstrations, over 100 vendor booths featuring arts and crafts, and a “food walk” featuring a wide range of Asian food.

Summer Night Markets

Throughout the summer on selected nights, the markets feature vendors offering Asian art, gift items, food, and entertainment.

Chinese New Year Festival – Seattle, WA